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In light of the discussion about positive limitations vs mmm, let’s call them, challenging limitations, I realized that one limitation I have is definitely both.

Being organized and scheduled is a great limitation – I’m efficient, I tend to get more accomplished, I feel productive and fulfilled in many ways. Being too over-organized that flexibility can be a difficult change of pace can be the other side of this limitation. It sounds odd, but at times, I “schedule” spontaneity – or free time as it were. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but otherwise I might just schedule myself too much. This allows for me to put time aside for whatever may come, without defining how that time will be used. For instance, I might walk through a neighbourhood with a friend, and as the time is open, we can have something to eat or drink, or take a side trip down a different street, whatever catches our fancy.

A two-sided limitation – great to see this play out and see the positivity in both sides.


Perhaps is your achilles heel tee hee!

I’m so limited sometimes by how much I need and want to do in a day. Organisation is key. It is definitely the thing that lets me have those spontaneous moments. I know where everything is. Of course I drop the ball sometimes, but when I do, I also know where the ball went!

One of my “challenging limitations” – that also works really well for me grrr – is my need and ability to stay under the radar. I have so much going on in my head, and so much on the go, that it is easier to plead mysteriously busy.

I love this, it gives me a ton of freedom, and even more space to figure out the finer details that change moment to moment, and it irritates me (and others) to explain. On the other hand, it’s sometimes has me appear distant or, hmmm, crazy.

It will be great to see THIS limitation play out as things come together in a visible-to-others way. I’m looking so forward to being proud as punch!

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