Yes! Day Tripping!

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Every year, as summer approaches, I state that I want to be trail walking, hiking and walking more. And I think, overall, I’ve managed to get out and do just that, more and more, each year. I also find that it can be hard to line up schedules with friends, and while I will go for a walk around the neighbourhood by myself, I am less inclined to find a trail, drive there and walk it alone. I need a little motivation in the form of having someone else with me, a form of accountability. I certainly am able to go on my own, but I’m at the point where I have to admit: I’m not likely to do so.

Today I was having a conversation with a friend, catching up generally. She is someone who will go away for a weekend for long hikes alone and makes it part of her regular life to get up and out of the city to do something outdoors. She was telling me about how her weekends were very busy this summer with occasions and events (weddings, baby parties etc.) and it meant that getting away for two nights would be difficult. She said she was going to consider day trips instead. She had barely finished her sentence when I said: yes, day trips! I’m in! We haven’t discussed details as yet, but she knows now that I am interested and mainly available all summer; as our schedules come together we’ll touch base and do some planning.

I have another friend who does do smaller walks and day trips with me; we did quite a few last summer. And now I have two friends to go on such outings with (I have another who lives outside the city as well), which means the odds are up that I am going to be outside more this year, walking in the trees – which of course, is good for mind and body. I know that when my S.O. arrives to live here, this is something I want us to do as well, getting out more and feeling better. Especially as my apartment is quite small and hot in the summer, it will be great to be away from that at some point on many of the weekends. I’m really excited!!

It’s an opportunity, and I was able to say yes, unequivocally. Left to my own devices, I’m more likely to sleep in…but with a friend by my side, I’ll do more. It’s going to be a great summer, I can feel it. Just say yes!

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