We Call On Our Inner Warrior

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I think every-time we get out of bed when when we’d rather stay, start a task we perceive as daunting, or just do what needs to be done in the moment, we call on our inner warrior.

Restless nights that lead to tiresome days, unmotivating deadlines and obligations, quick thinking and in the moment decision making, required the need to call on my inner warrior. A sort of strength and endurance, powered from within. The power to override tiredness, lack of motivation, and uncertainty.

My inner warrior will give me strength, encouragement and power just when I need it. It has never once failed me. An almost instinctual way of being, my inner warrior is protective, strong, powerful and determined.

She has saved my life with persistence, strength and determination impossible to explain.

My inner warrior is one that comforts a hurting heart, or provides motivation to create something new, or encourages me during the try, try, try, again moments. My inner warrior is always ready to jump in and support me when I need it.

She is always ready for battle on my behalf, knowing exactly what to do and when to do it without any conscious effort from me.


Thank you for saying it just like this, Gracie. I wanted to crawl back into bed on Sunday, but I stayed up to get things done, to keep moving towards goals. I didn’t think it qualified as warrior, but in your words I see echos of my thoughts. All these things is that warrior, coming through to push us, or to hold us down when things get tough.


I like your description and I fully agree. We are so much more warrior than we think. Something for me to acknowledge more often.



This post gives me the opportunity to remember and re fall in love with my inner warrior. Honestly, she is the reason I went out on my own and started my painting business in the first place, all those years ago.

And then this time, that is the same force that is repainting my painting business! Things were chugging along and painting jobs were coming every so often. I was enjoying that but it wasn’t enough. When I got to that spot – it was some sort of a cross roads where all projects met and I was looking for the simplest, and also most satisfying way to make money as my practice closed and these projects grew – it was my inner warrior who closed the deals and reclaimed my painting business. Ha and this is the same woman who is now doing the contract where she gave herself a $100 per day raise!

This is the same inner force that 3 years ago chose to accept the ‘bail out’ package my Dad offered and I moved home.

I’m loving remembering all these details and seeing for the first time that I have always been in charge.


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