Turning Your Restlessness into a Validation Machine

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Today I was speaking with a friend and talking about the changes to my goals (since the first week), especially in regards to one particularly big task. The deadline has changed, but I still want to keep working on it – and stay motivated to do so. I was feeling overwhelmed about the whole thing. Later on she called me to say she had three realizations while out for a run. I was on my way out for a walk, and came back to report realizations of my own. She then validated those results and it was a very positive experience all around. Accountability and positive reinforcement did the trick!

One of my realizations was that perhaps I should do a 1:1 ratio. Or even 2:1 or 3:1 depending on the time I have each day. One thing that makes me happy to one more challenging task. I want to work on my big task project, and I also have other projects which I want to work on, and which make me more happy. So 1:1. And if I can get more happy times/moments/projects in, so be it, but always there will be at least a ratio to a more challenging task. I needed the motivation. I am reviewing my 3-6-9 and this will be part of the goals going forward.


Nice. I do this too, lots, esp when I am restless and needing to write something for either blog.

Sometimes the thoughts get so jumbled and I can’t get them into the computer fast enough. When that happens I take lots of breaks and complete things around the house, sort of in a rapid fire: laundry, fold the laundry, cut veggies for a few days supply, clean a bathroom, make my bed…. Totally mundane, but it burns the restlessness out of my body and makes the writing easier.

Sometimes it’s such a crank that it is one sentence: 4 chores!

I know this keeps the restlessness controlled and useful, but I notice now that definitely the hit of accomplishment is fuel for the writing. Things come out more concisely for sure.

I had never thought of the ratio thing before… I like thinking about this as a tool for writing, rather than a tool to keep my body happy aka not in the way of the writing. I love having ways I can boost the energy available for writing.

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