The Sweet Spot Where I Shine

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“The sweet spot where I shine…”

This morning I was telling Grandpa about us. He knows about the project, obviously, but this morning especially he needed a little boost. I wanted him to hear how well I”m doing, how much I am shining, and I wanted to give him an opportunity to be part of a conversation where he can shine too. He’s such an amazing mentor for me, and so many times along the way he has advised me on how and what to do next. He’s an incredible resource. Because he was a teacher for “opportunity” students (in his day that meant both challenged and gifted!) he knows people from their roots, and because he knows ME, he can so often help me get untangled by explaining back to me my “issue” in a way that I can understand.

Well. this morning, the exact thing I was talking about with him, was how we, as a group have come to agreement about how we show up to the conversation – on line and on the phone. Our group culture allows us to shine, and asks us to shine.

This morning I languaged it as “bring your best self to the conversation.” Some times it’s difficult, but mostly it is such a relief to not have to hide my awesomeness or my awesome ideas!

For me, so much of the first 3 weeks is about self-acknowledgement and gratitude for who I am and how much I have accomplished so far. It feels amazing to have the space and the context to shine!

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