The Shoefie

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Just as a selfie can be a window into a moment in the life, a shoe, worn with purpose, gives clues to our own identity. I love shoes. I have limits on how many I own and how much I’ll pay for them, but even so, I love them. An accessory that can change an outfit, change a mood, an outlook. These shoes, for instance. The sleek wedge adds to a steady walk, a round toe – a more comfortable position. I love the classic fine stripes of black and white, with the pop of ankle colour. They are classic and fun. They are subtle and yet catch the eye. I know heels aren’t the best for feet, and yet, a pair like these make me feel sophisticated, classic, composed, fun; they put a smile on my face.


This pic is PERFECT. Oh so perfect.

You’ll smack me, but I mean this: you have so many layers. I love how the stripes with the turquoise reflect that.

You have your work and career goals. You have your writing goals. You have your social goals. You have your relationship goals. You have your experiential goals.

And all this is not to say that these are goals. That’s not always the right word for it, but it’s the best way I can describe the care and thoughtfulness you put into life as a whole. There is also, as always in our group, the understanding of how we can model consciousness about a good life to other women, and you do that, but the essence in your example of the desire to achieve and experience an “interesting” life is one of grounded and centred thoughtfulness turned inwards first. Then, that essence engages with life. The image is of some one who is hand in hand with life.

The ability to experience a full and interesting life does not come from that hurriedness and busy-ness that has come to be so much a part of women’s culture – a particular unconsciousness and un-experiencing of fullness. In this photo of you, I see that example of how to live a full and satisfying life as a woman. I see poise and balance. I see a deep knowing of self and the ability to have in life what you desire. It takes patience and confidence to achieve that.

When other women witness you, they will gently understand that it is possible for them too. I do.


Wow! Adrienne, thank you. That you can bring so much to this photo is wonderful, and I’m thankful for it – for the insights and the reflection!

Many months ago we talked about our morning process. I get up a little early than I probably need to so that I am not hurried. I have enough time, and then a few minutes for writing or thinking about how much I am enjoying my breakfast. Yes, sleep is important, so I work on going to bed earlier, but I leave this time for me in the morning so I don’t feel rushed and hurried – and harried – throughout the day. A literal reflection of what you are saying here. Thank you for all you see in me!


I agree with Adrienne. You have so many things going for you. You are beautiful, talented, kind, smart, educated, balanced and professional. That’s what I see in this photo. Many women will learn great things from you.

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