The Seeds of Change

 In Weekly Forum Discussion

Change is good. Change is hard. Change is inevitable. All of these are true to varying degrees, different for each of us – I’m sure none of that is a surprise to anyone reading.

Change is tricky for me. I don’t know exactly why this is so, likely a variety of reasons, but the truth is that it can often be a struggle. I also get quite attached to things: people, places, familiar items. All this to say that I don’t know how well I channeled the warrior energy to power through today, but the fact that I did must count somehow.

Today’s change in question was finally connecting my new phone. I have had a blackberry, happily, for many years and now the time to change has arrived. It hasn’t been an easy transition either. These last two days have finally brought a resolution, even while some things still need work (and learning).

So where is the warrior? She’s reminding me to take a deep breath. She’s telling me that it will be okay, that I’ve adjusted before, even if slowly; that I will do so again. She’s reminding me to be patient with myself. She’s comforting me: change is hard, it’s okay to feel a certain way about it. She’s telling me that this is just part of my process, that it may not be the best process, or the easiest process – but it is mine, and it will serve me for now.

I am often at war, or in struggle with myself, so the warrior energy I need in this instance is one of quiet strength, comfort and reassurance. It is the reminder that I am strong even when I don’t feel it.

There are far greater obstacles and changes in life to overcome, there is no great hardship here, but this smaller one was today’s and sometimes even then, a warrior is needed.

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