Teacher! Teacher! Can You Teach Me?

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Back to school, woohoo! I’m home from my 3 week camping adventure, and I’m ready to go back to work, which is actually back to school! I’m a teacher!

I’ve just moved into my new home, and it feels very much like home. I have my crystals and glass and art and drums and all the fun things placed and Feng shui’d, I have room for movement and yoga, and best of all I do not hear the hum of the refrigerator whilst sleeping!

I’ve lived in a bachelor apt for 6 years, and am so stoked to have separate rooms! I have a patio and a small flower garden, and a lawn, and oh I just love it here! There’s a trail and a creek near my house…all I need now is a horse to ride on that trail!

I did a little bit of back to school shopping – the coolest pair of mustard yellow pants. They make me want to dance!

I am naturally decluttering and making space for the new because of my new home. I’m excited to go back to work, and even more excited to discover how I have changed and grown over the last few months / year.

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