Cheers to Taking a Step Back: Re-Calibrate into Action

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Stop. Think. And breathe.

Aw what are friends for if not to call you out when you are being ridiculous.
I have a great friend to thank right about now. I’ve had my head down for a while “grinding it out” but I slightly lost my way! I so needed a little nudge, just enough to make me look up and realize for myself what the heck I was doing (to myself ha).
Okay so here I am, a little frazzled but in a great spot. I am all of a sudden almost a little embarrassed. I typically am pretty good at having my ducks in a row, but it is humbling. I am taking the day to just think. Tonight I will sit with my calendar and recalibrate.
It is just a little funny as I know what needs to be done, or rather what I want to get done. I was just so focused on one thing that my daily actions got jumbled.
Aw how taking a step back feels good.
I know where I am going, well not exactly but big picture… hmm maybe that is why my specific actions got mixed up until I took that step back… Okay okay I will also work on refining and specifics.


Yes, this is what I was thinking about too – I have to make sure I do the details – specific actions – too, not just the big picture!

And yes, thank goodness for friends.


One of the first things on my list was to clean up the mess in my house. It’s an on going thing. Oh how I love a good mess! It’s funny too, it’s 3 distinct piles: 3 weeks ago, 2 weeks ago and 1 week (almost) ago! It’s been a screaming busy 3 weeks, and all of it away from my home. Being away was super productive for the big picture, but the immediate picture is definitely pressured by the being away.

Your post gives me the solution: tonight I will sit with my calendar and recalibrate… That inspires me to make my 3 – 6 – 9 HUGE and put it on the wall!

I went to drop off some packaging to one of the stores where my beads are selling today, and came home with both success and a “reorganisation” of daily actions for the week. It will feel amazing for me to SEE in HUGE letters and phat markers my progress as things get crossed out and moved around!

It will be like a hybrid of 2 of my fave creative tools – phat markers on big paper on the wall to organise my thoughts and the 3 – 6 – 9 to organise my actions!

Crossin’ shit off crossin’ shit off!

Ooooh – “off-crossin'”

Genii. Is there a plural for genius? Yes there is: Genii.

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