Synergy A La Carte

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Today was a work day. I came back from yesterday’s Artist Date – birthday party for some dear friends of a dear friend, who are becoming friends of mine too. That’s how that works! It’s amazing. Such great people, all of them. My dinner date with them was spectacular. It was an Artist Date to the nines. I dressed up. I did my hair, I wore my new Mary Kay lip liner ha! It was a total blast.

Today, I am SO refreshed. Work things are spectacular, and I spent the day with incredible focus. I got so much done.

The most interesting part about all of this was the affect the Artist Date has had on me this time around. I feel totally rejuvenated and sharp!


Sounds amazing!


Sounds like you had a wonderful evening. And it even charged you for work time. Perfect!


Nothing like the synergy of spending time with fantastic people – and dressed for it as well!


Flow and joy = synergy…. great to simplify that feeling I had at dinner on Tuesday with a single word, and better, that word connects me to my intention for the week – to use this round of Artist Dating to make that big picture desire/goal real and achievable now. Synergy. Nailed it!


Fantastic, Adrienne! I bet you eveen rocked that Mary Kay lip liner.


ha! I DID! In the car all the way there… and then I was so excited I forgot to put some fresh on just before I went in. But it didn’t matter. I got there first, and sat at the bar, with my back to the door. I was on my phone reading all ya’ll, totally immersed, when my friend came in and blew in my ear! Of course I squealed and laughed and jumped right into three sets of arms, all of us laughing.

And then there were balloons tied to wrists, a giant rainstorm on the patio, a 10 piece fiddle band, and some really delicious food. It’s one of those places where you order the pieces of your meal a la carte. I love that. I chose to have two sides of beautiful green beans with my salmon. That’s perfection. I don’t eat oysters, so this was the first time I had been to an oyster bar (slash Irish pub). They are so beautiful. The ones from PEI had a shell like Abalone.

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