Sweetness, I Was Only Joking

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This is how we do it! It’s a song… from the 80’s. The Smiths. And this is my punk rock me, perhaps the real me, the writer me. It is this woman who drives these projects.

It is in fact the first selfie I took with a phone-camera. I was house sitting, and all alone on the Little Rideau. At the time, I was just starting with the Colorado crew and that job worked me almost 18 hours a day, and into this glorious place I am NOW.  At the time I resented that I had given up my “writer’s retreat” for being worked to the bone and pushed around and bullied and…  It was really an unbelievable experience, that was like some sort of boot camp that egged me on to learn some invaluable personal lessons, and most important, the invaluable professional skills I could not have achieved so quickly otherwise. I don’t regret it for one minute.

I marvel at this photo, honestly. I hadn’t showered in 3 days, and this was me being compliant – a rare experience – and defiant at the same time. Captured. I sort of laugh at that now. It seems so far away from who I am now – and always have been – but those were the exact right circumstances to push my vision out the door and perhaps create this reflection of me. I didn’t even know how to use the camera on my Blackberry at the time. One of the other coaches called me and literally berated me into it. I was afraid I’d lose the job, while at the same time up for the challenge. That’s a potent cocktail. After all,  I did have on my person, just in my transient bags a leather jacket, killer sunnies, statement jewellery, and a real fox fur collar. Oooh and a pink cowboy hat. We were to take rock star photos.

I did this in less than 30 minutes and had a ball. THIS photo has stuck with me. It is the one that has led me here, to now. For however many years and however many experiences – and much book-learning ha!- this woman here has been my example of where I need to be to get where I’m going. This photo has also taken much rejection. People don’t see my sweetness.

I do. My exact sweetness.

This is the photo I am using for my bio for the writing community and blog.

NO need for you Ladies to describe your photos, this is how I wanted to start the week off for me.

This is meant to be a fun and validating and easy week. Joy. That is the heart of our work here together.

So much love to you!


Love this picture! To be honest, you look like you are ready to take on the world!! It looks like nothing could possibly get in your way. You know what you want and you are going after it. Sounds fitting with all your projects you have on the go! Great photo! Perfect for your bio!


To be honest…I love your look here – the lipstick, the liner! Yes, you have rocker down pat!  And I know how you love a great leather jacket – completes any look right?! To be honest, I love the intensity in your eyes.

Thank you for setting the stage for this call topic, with this selfie (and a beautiful one at that!)! It clearly means a lot to you, and I’m interested in taking a look through a photo album or two to see what depths I may see in a photo of myself. Either way, keeping it light and fun, as you have staged it, and will do so.


Ha! Thank you! That jacket is my Linus.

This is a really fun topic. I’m so excited to see every one!

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