Sunshine, We Be Singing Your Praise

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If you get 4 hugs from 4 different students all in one day… what does that mean? Must be doing something right! Woohoo!


What do you get? Validation!! 🙂


Nice! Last night I got a ton of compliments on the bead I was wearing… felt amazing and I got to send those women to the store where I am selling them.

So amazing to hear compliments are coming to you too!


I visited my parents today. They still live in the same high-rise I grew up in. And so on the way from the parking lot to the house  I had this feeling of “I’m a grown powerful woman now”. You see when I come home to my parents, to this area, it’s like I can still feel the old energy of unseen, unwanted, of trauma and just the negative things and esp. feelings of my growing years. But this feeling today connected me with who I am now. And most beautiful: just like yesterday that feeling came so naturally without me “working” it. Awesome !! 😉


Fabulous. I have been looking for some way to language what I am, my identity, lately. I’m having some trouble with “titles” as so many I would normally choose are, these days, only a partial description of me. I really like ‘grown powerful woman”. My bones understand that!


You are so right, Sabine, that old energy when we “return” to a place from our past, seems ready to appear in an instant – and possibly take over. What a great feeling – to have the opposite feeling and to know it came from a deep sense of understanding. Wonderful!


Crazy thing, Lia, I hadn’t noticed that consciously before yesterday !! I had felt it but it never clicked in my brain…

So great to know that now.


Yes, real life. Real compliments. Real women.

Thank you Ladies! What an inspiring conversation so far this week. Love it.

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