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What became evident this morning is that I have to be careful with my social media intake if I want to feel the way I WANT to feel vs. having an emotional reaction to what I am consuming online. The simple act of going through my Facebook feed clicking on links that seem to be interesting not only often wastes my time, but puts me at risk to feel ways I don’t want to feel.


I just deleted anything and everything from Facebook that wasn’t super positive!


Totally. Part of the “research and development” for my blog projects happens on FB. It creates the bounce, AND it is a great way to advertise that bounce.

It is however incredibly draining for me. Now that I know exactly what I’m doing and how, I limit my FB visits, and I try to use it as the incredible networking tool that it is for projects and information like mine.

Right now, I’m trying to get re-comfortable with Instagram. I loved it and then I found myself suddenly really triggered by the likes part of that. It totally triggered my need for approval, and that works against my projects. Now that I’m aware of what was/is happening there, I can use it a little more consciously.

Ah, and I found the edit button. Desperation is the mother of invention ha! I made a glaring one late one night, and then in the morning I was so embarrassed ha! I wish I was like my Mum in that regard. She made a typo/spelling mistake and someone corrected her. Hilarious to hear her interpretation of the correction. The irony is that she has zero time for criticism. She just laughs at OTHER people’s need to be right all the time. I mean seriously. If you want to see the example of the resolution of perfectionism or criticism, just call my mother up and randomly criticise her. I swear, when she laughs at that behaviour in others (ie what she does to ME), it is healing the effect that social tic has had on me.

Yes, social media. Damn that shit is good. For me it is SO irritating that it points me in the most efficient direction if I let it.


Absolutely! I am really enjoying writing and doing Instagram (less drama) than Facebook. Yay! I’m winning the war on being a Facebook Addict.


Do you remember when we used to call it Face crack?

You are so awesome on Instagram. I love your posts!


Yes! We called it crack-book!! And it really can be addictive. I’ve been away from my normal desktop check-in, and while I can look at things on mobile, I don’t like it as much and I’ve honestly been on the move and I haven’t had time. It definitely feels odd to not know what’s happening but also nice to not be checking in as much. It’s a break from the routine.

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