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NY psychology dept heads

Perspective – what a huge topic – keep it simple you say…well my perspective on perspective is that we can all choose to choose our perspective rather than being controlled by our perspective. Awareness of our conditioning, beliefs and emotions and ultimately our subconscious play a huge part of creating our perspective. I am always fascinated by the fact that when 10 people witness an incident their “report” on the incident is not identical – why is that? Our life experiences are what we measure new experience against – so being aware or shall I say conscious of our unconscious motivation for responding a certain way to life and what it presents is incredibly valuable and a game changer – my last 30 years have focused on anatomy and physiology, and most recently have been launched into learning about the subconscious, mindset and perspective. I feel like I am in research mode noticing every emotion I feel, and how I respond to my inside and my outside world – reality…so I ask…do you think that perspective creates out reality? I would LOVE to be on this call tonight – unfortunately I am facilitating a networking group…can’t wait to see what shows up on the topic of “perspective”…currently my favourite subject! Have fun with it everyone – I will miss you tonight!

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