Seeing the Wins

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It was interesting what this topic brought up for me:

  • at first I didn’t even want to join the topic feeling I cannot connect to it
  • then I noticed it’s rather that making a plan scares me for various reasons
  • so I sat down and did it nevertheless
  • I remembered that last year Patsy went all out and used coloured pens etc. so I used mine to make it a little more fun
  • I made it easy for me by printing out three calendar pages and used specific colours for each set of three weeks to mark the weeks and to write down the plans / projects for these weeks plus another colour for overall tasks I want to incorporate
  • I purposefully connected with the thought that it’s o.k. for the plan to change, cuz in my mind changing the plan pretty much is similar to failing the plan
  • now each day I right down what I did that day in the according colour making it very obvious to see my progress and the results I created which is super motivating for me

So it was interesting to see what held me back but also what I know about myself and incorporated to make it easy and fun and motivating for me.


I love this! Thank you for sharing the process. Time for me to put some colour into mine! And writing down what you did each day – that’s a great way to see the wins! I am going to implement that.

I too have to tell myself it’s okay for the plan to change, it doesn’t mean failure – the plan can be flexible. It’s great to see that you went through with it anyway! This is motivating for me. Thanks Sabine!

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