Scorpio Full Moon – April 22, 2016

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Scorpio Full Moon (April 22, 2016)

The Full Moon in Scorpio is always an extreme one. Scorpio is intense, emotional, deep, mysterious. Scorpio is the sign of transformation, and being a water sign, brings up the deepest truth of our emotions, our patterns, and hearts to the foreground. This Full Moon illuminates our depths. Both our shadows and our passions are being brought to light. This may feel like a breaking down, irritability, fear, or uncertainty. Get in it. This is the ideal time to just breathe into whatever is going on for you, however you may label it. Take this opportunity to pick the fruit that is ripe. Deal with what this Moon is bringing up for you, however it may look. Discard that which is dead and decaying. Scorpio is the Queen of the Dark, the feminine, and mysterious. This means a big theme right now is shadows, secrets and fears, and major life patterns. The ultimate goal of Scorpio is to live in the truth, which she accesses by composting all that is not truth. Everything that is not truth is brought up by Scorpio for transformation or integration. 

Scorpio and the Full Moon are both associated with release and illumination. Use this powerful combo to do some work around release, power, truth, shadows, and emotions. This is a beautiful opportunity to get a really clear look down into the wells of childhood wounds, fears, and secrets and habits we still carry,

Being a highly feminine and emotional sign, this is an excellent Moon to spend some time connected to her wisdom. Go within, set aside some time for contemplation and inner work, or go for a Moon walk and just notice any insights that come to you. 

Where do I need to be honest? With myself or others?

Are there places I am still hiding out? What are my reasons, and can I have the courage to step into that truer version of myself?

What am I being asked to look at in this moment, or over the past few days?

What am I ready to release and transform, to allow myself to move more fully into my true expression?

Where do I feel powerless and powerful? What are the stories I tell myself about these areas?

Have a beautiful and bountiful Full Moon, and wishing everyone ease and transformation! 

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