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As you know I’m unpackaging this confidence vs lack of confidence thing this week. I’m still not ready to put into words the “how” I was trained to not be confident. I’m still pretty angry and victimy about it. Also, I think I would like it to be more formal. I don’t think it is an unusual energy for women – young and old and ageless alike – to have, and still have to, experience. I think there is some degree of normal involved there – both good and bad.

Anyway, in short, it is absolutely vital for me to maintain connection to other trailblazers in this world. I have surrounded myself with you Ladies, and that’s how I feed my practical human heart on this trek. I watch you and I am with you as we struggle, succeed, have mishaps, learn, excel, drop the toast butter side down, and every day knock the socks off of those around us, mostly unknowingly – or unadmittedly. Between us we forge ways to be above and beyond and supported. Women need that, and in today’s landscape, women like us need a very particular conscious support. I get that here.

For my “media” examples, I look to a select few, and they are not what anyone would expect. All science. All business. Artists. Homeopathy is state of the art medicine, and a state of the art way of thinking, and amazingly, it is probably one of the cheapest, most effective wellness “tools” out there; a remedy is $8. That’s a lot jammed into one sentence, and people reject that immediately. I have learned over the years to keep my information close and quiet, and I have followed a very precise business model that keeps my dream to provide that information to anyone who needs it. I expand only as large as the positive energy of the vision will allow. In short, I stalk and I plot. I know the human general-mind like the back of my hand (personal relationships notwithstanding – yes you can laugh at my bravado ha!), and when it will and will not move forward. It’s a bit of game, and just like chess, insists on patience and calculated moves (and shakes!).

This morning, I happened upon this video, as I do any amazing thing that encourages me. It’s Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla – introducing to his “fans” the car that he has “plotted” to provide to the entire world. I have followed him for years, and watched many interviews, read articles, and evaluated clinically the very public and world-wide criticism. Well, at the end of 2017 he will have (at some times) single-heartedly achieved not only his vision, but what the world needs: a reasonably priced and environmentally sustainable method of personal transport. In this video I can see how my dream of Alive Homeopathy is also possible because of the systems I have set up for myself.

Today, I have almost the whole day at my disposal and it is beautiful, windows are open and the cicadas are singing. It is one of my absolute favourite sounds. I have many scary things I can do, definitely. This week has flushed out a long list of death defying tasks, conversations and actions! After watching that video, however, I was so inspired. I’m going to ditch the list and allow our call tonight to bookend the “building out” of the Alive Homeopathy website. I’m going to post as much as that time will allow.

If you do watch the video… we are my roadster and AH is my Model 3! Thank you for always believing in me. Thank you for your style and your curves. And thank you for being the fastest innovation on the block! You Ladies just make so much good sense.

Here’s the vid:


You have to scroll to the bottom.

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