Relief From Daily Distractions and Overwhelm

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I have to say that it was a challenge working through the list today.  Perhaps it shouldn’t  be hard work, but in my case my vision includes slogging through paperwork.

The 3-6-9 was there – the practical focus – letting me know where I needed to be. It’s easy to get distracted by the other things I need to do (plus, just life, chores etc.), without this – calendar open to the action page.


YES so distracted!

I have a cycle of getting lots done and then exploding into overwhelm. Today is one of those days. I have beads to deliver, a house to start painting, and Homeopathy clients tonight. It can certainly all be done, but only with focus. One of the 9 week actions for me is to really consider how much I’m actually doing, and to what end. My bead “business” is a perfect example. It pays for itself, but it doesn’t make money. I have put in a ton of time and effort this summer doing art shows to get a feel for the community and where to place my beads permanently. I’m almost there, but the timing of the last art show really conflicts with the jury process for the store I’ve chosen.

It’s funny because the feeling I’m feeling is actually defeat, with a sprinkle of I want to give up. It’s SO weird to be feeling that, while also 100% aware of how much I have accomplished over the summer, and how close I am to completing the goal of finding a permanent location to sell my work. I am certain the store will accept me, and it is the perfect location to sell for the Christmas season, with very little effort from me.

It’s amazing to have the 3 -6 – 9 focus to keep my mind and emotions in check and in line with what is actually happening.

AND, I think it is time for a re-do of the 6 and 9 week plans. I always keep this as a running tool, re-doing it many times during the time-frame. This time is different though, and critical for me to notice the difference actually, given the weird defeat I am feeling today. It’s not defeat at all. It’s overwhelm from creating so many opportunities. Normally I re-do the 3 – 6 – 9 around week 5 because I haven’t completed enough of the plan. This time I am re-doing between weeks 2 and 3, because I have accomplished too much. It’s fabulous!

My day is already set and I am going forward with the tasks on my list, but tonight after clients, I will take the current 3 -6 – 9 and do an overhaul. A re-do is definitely in order, and it feels amazing to have worked this out here so that I can understand the “defeat” feeling is connected to the overwhelm feeling, but that the overwhelm is actually the result of having created too many opportunities aka success!

I can already feel which direction to go with the beads – that the show this weekend is far less important than moving forward with a fine jewellery store in Oakville. That’s a GREAT feeling, and a great energy in which to start today’s actions.


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