On the Second Day of Christmas

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I’m doing it, I’m doing it, I’m doing it: it’s the second day of Christmas here and I am dressed for success in the fitness room.

This is def a first time ever to exercise on a Christmas holiday. Usually it’s eating and chatting and sitting and sleeping. Since I had most of that already the last two days now it’ll be exercising – whoooohooooooo !! 😉


Way to go Sabine!


This is fantastic Sabine! Last year, I remember going to the gym (in the apartment building) on Christmas day – an absolute first for me! This year, we managed to get in a good long walk, which I really enjoyed. Cheers to success in fitness!


Hey, fabulous! To be honest, my “new year” starts on Christmas day, always has. For whatever reason, any change that needs to happen for the coming year, happens Christmas day. Quitting smoking, ending a relationship, giving my first remedy… you know, just the big things! I can’t contrive it.

Yesterday, I received some really beautiful things, and we had maybe the most enjoyable family gathering ever. I don’t feel like anything is missing in my life at all, and I am so full of gratitude. I woke up with that full heart everyone is bragging about!

As I laid there, I thought, well if everything is perfect “in energy “(I am attracting perfect things, experiences and interactions), what can I do to make this conscious and repeatable?

The answer: more exercise.

Total bliss. I love exercise, and I LOVE that my subconscious, higher self, little voice, intuition – whatever that is! – agrees!

Have a blast Sabine!!

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