Oh The Places You’ll Go

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Very fun indeed!

I have driven across Canada four times, but only once from the pacific coast in Victoria to the tip of Cape Breton Island to touch the waters of the Atlantic. I didn’t do it all at once, but with only a short gap of time between Montreal and Nova Scotia. Highlights of those cross country journeys: driving through three national parks between Vancouver and Calgary; northern lights in Saskatchewan (remember, Adrienne?!); the great lakes; the houses of Fredericton, NB; Bay of Fundy; seeing moose (many times) on Cape Breton Island. And all the wonderful people I met and traveled along the way.


Oh Yes! I definitely remember wow. I’ve done that drive many times also, but I’ve only seen the Northern Lights once. I honestly don’t know what the 7 wonders of the world are, but for me, the Northern LIghts are on the list!

My very favourite stop along the way is the Terry Fox monument in Thunder Bay. He’s one of my heros and always a source of inspiration. The monument is huge, and I think made of bronze. It stands on the top of a hill, on the side of the trans Canada, just outside of Thunderbay, so just as you start driving along the North Share of Lake Superior. It’s a massive view.

It’s one of those places for me, where when I look out, the world is huge, and life is amazing and mysterious and also strangely perfectly ordered around its own limitless possibilities. I love that feeling. To me, Terry Fox stands for human spirit and that drive to do important and meaningful things. One of his quotes is “nothing is impossible”. When I have moments where I have needed some extra connection to what I’m doing in my small part of the world, I wear those shoes. They connect me to my own limitless possibilities!

So fun. Our drive cross-co was so long ago! “Oh the places you’ll go!”


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