New Moon in Aries – April 7, 2016

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New Moon in Aries (April 7, 2016)

The New Moon in Aries, a supermoon, and the Sun in Aries brings a powerful energy of beginnings and fresh starts. 

Aries is passionate, direct and active, working in the direction of its dreams and excitement. Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is known for being a starter, and leading the way. Aries and the New Moon both invite us to start new. A new chapter, a new story, whatever. Take the opportunity. 

Aries teaches us self-focus in a healthy and balanced way. Many of us have been taught that focusing on ourselves is selfish, but Aries teaches us to make ourselves the top priority. While some of the signs are relationship oriented, Aries is all about the self. Self exploration, self development, self knowing. 

Aries is also the sign of the warrior. Feisty, passionate, protective and loyal, Aries can teach us the value of our inner warrior. What we care to fight for and protect in the world and within ourselves. Think Mama lion and her cub. This protective warrior aspect combined with the Arian self focus can be a transformational combination in how we honour ourselves. In a culture that validates care-taking and complacency, it can take courage to put yourself first and speak up for your needs and rights.

With the New Moon in Aries, and the Sun in Aries for a few more weeks, take this time to be ALL ABOUT YOU. Be the Mama lion for your dreams, your schedule, your self care. Decide what you want to do, then do it 100%. There is no halfway with Aries. You are in or out, on or off. There is no middle ground or grey area. 

We are likely sitting in a spacious spot of clarity after our last lunar cycle. We finished a month of Pisces Sun, and eclipse season, shaking loose old, ineffective patterns and debris. Now is the time to act on what you want. Move forward from this state of clarity and newness. 

What makes you feel powerful? Solid? Indestructible? How can you bring in more of that?

How do you honour your SELF? What do you do that is for you only, and connects you to the enjoyment of being your unique self?

What ignites that passionate fire in your core? How can you tend to, and nurture that fire? 

Aries bites into challenges and takes them on full force. The challenge, necessary action, and inevitable transformation is like one big juicy Aries treat! See if there’s somewhere you can really utilize this Arian quality over the next few weeks, or incorporate it into your intention for this lunar cycle!

One of my favourite descriptions of Aries is that it is “the ram and the lamb”, as it is such an accurate description of the polarity of Aries. The fiercest protector and warrior, and also the light and youthful childlike expression. Where do you need more ram, and where do you need more lamb? Do you have a space in your life for that fun playful energy as well as that warrior side?

Have an extraordinary and powerful New Moon! <3 

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