My Resonance Creates My Reality

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My vision feels pretty nebulous at the moment, frankly. It has many arms that support the bigger picture and some of those are dying off. It leads to this feeling of confusion and clarity at the same time. Because I’m self-employed this “phase” has happened many times, and I’ve learned that to spite the sort of melancholic discomfort, it is in fact the doorway to both positive growth in my business and also an over all simplicity.

Frustration is a normal part of my internal process, and I have yet to change that. It still feels like an external influence, something I can’t control or solve. It’s of course not my desired way of moving forward, but it is the way at the moment. Fortunately, it is so obvious when it’s happening, that I almost know in which direction to go, once I figure out the specific cause (what’s not working) and get started on the solution. Also, it does create a certain “push” that blows through difficulties perhaps more easily. Decisions get made faster and more definitively, allowing the actions that need to follow to be executed faster as well.

I worry that the frustration is going to hang around forever, and being a Homeopath, this is absolutely a “why not” do my vision. I know fine well the toll extended frustration takes on the body. I do see that in myself, and yet I also know that my hard work is starting to pay off, and that the success will follow. What I definitely need to tweak, however, is my filter. I have so many little successes along the way – daily, absolutely! – that I could certainly be keeping myself more connected and thus guided by these successes.

My tendency is to get discouraged, fall into the discouragement, and then become mentally or emotionally unavailable for the solution or the success. There is always success. I know this to be true, and it is also my natural way of looking at the world. I am definitely a Polyanna!

My task this week is to really look at what I am wanting to accomplish and what I have accomplished already. I know that the frustration is absolutely pointing at the thing that needs to go or change, and if I am clear about what I am doing – aka what is in fact my vision any more – those decisions will come really quickly.

Writing this now, I realise I am going to have to spend a little time on the side also, figuring out some ways to keep my energy the opposite of frustration – satisfaction. I’m pretty sure I found this in myself a few weeks ago, or one of us did here, so it’s nice to be really driving that point home. Again, as a Homeopath, I know fine well my resonance creates my reality.

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