My List of Gratitude; I Am

 In Weekly Forum Discussion

I am:

  • Grateful for a good night’s sleep.
  • Grateful to have a supportive partner.
  • Grateful to be able to have time to meet up with a friend for a walk, coffee and talk. Only two weeks had passed and yet we had much to catch up on, and as always lots to talk about anyway.
  • Grateful that a visiting friend was delayed and so I had more time to have my above coffee date and be able to have time to change and move into the next visit peacefully and without any rush or anxiety.
  • Grateful that a conference has brought a very good friend to visit this city. We attended an event together last night, and there will be another tonight, and more visiting to come. So happy to have this time with her – she lives in Memphis, Tennessee, so we don’t get to visit in person very often.
  • Grateful to have arrived early to the evening event and was able to sit calmly and wait, people watching all the way. Great to not feel self-conscious about waiting around on my own.
  • Grateful for having access to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) during the event. I couldn’t take advantage of it as much as I would have liked, but it felt great to have access. (Below, rotunda ceiling and window).
  • Grateful to try all the tasty delights at the various food stations. (Semi-hard goat cheese rolled in maple syrup, crystallized on ice? Yes, please).
  • Grateful to have met some interesting people last night and to run into old colleagues (nice to be missed!).
  • Grateful for good weather to make the evening run smoothly.
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