My Dining Room is an 8 Year Old Art Project!

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I’m so excited to read all of this! My tech issues continue I guess… I didn’t get the notifications that this conversation was happening, so honestly it’s the best Artist date to sit down and read it all ha! I love it!

I was away from my computer for most of the weekend – a friend and his daughter visiting and she is both very busy and my new bestie! THAT was an artist date in itself. She is a brilliant little artist wow. I’m SO jealous of her talent! And I am a lot proud! I had beads in the kitchen and on me, and we all got new beads for the festival on Sat… when I was making us breakfast this morning, I heard her whisper “Daddy, Adrienne is a real artist…” I loved it! So funny too that she qualified me as “real”. I’m not sure what qualified that descriptor but I’ll take it.

It was really neat too to feel myself influencing and inspiring her. That was such a beautiful and rewarding experience. There have been only 1 or 2 writers in my life who were “real”, and over the years as my life has been everything but writing for a living, I have clung to their examples as the literal reality of my own life goals. They were the people that for me, made writing for a living possible. I knew what they had done and that they were real. I get to be that for someone now. So amazing.

Well, tonight I have cleaned up my house only just a little bit. I am so enjoying that my living room and dining room are an 8 year old art project. Drawings everywhere! Crayons everywhere! It’s also really cool to me how easily she let all of it go. She left 3 rather involved drawings here, without any worry about keeping them or what I would do with them. So free!

Most important for me this weekend though was how she suddenly warmed up to me. I see her only once or twice a year and I’m not family to her, so there is no familiar bond. She’s really important to me and I’ve always wanted her to like hanging out with me when they visit. I have a few of my parents’ friends that I really connected with and just always liked when I was a kid, and they are huge positive memories. I don’t know why really that’s important to me, but I guess its my own personal feelings of how important community is to our beliefs in ourselves and others. I’d like to think that when she thinks of the world at large, she has me as an example of how much she can be loved and admired outside of her family unit.

And for me, it feels really amazing to spend time in that space with a family unit. I have an example of how positive and amazing that can actually be. It’s a big unknown for me and I’m definitely not comfortable with it. I would like that in my life some day, and weekends like this let me see what is possible.

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