Lunar Intention: SLOW

 In Moonbathing

I am jumping in immediately!

I have, as you know, few superstitions left in my daily affairs, but I did keep the one from my Nana that is “turning your money over on a New Moon”. She did this for good luck and good fortune, and I do say she had a lot of that!

I have been preparing for this New Moon for several days now, and I hadn’t read about the influences on this New Moon until just moments ago, so that’s why I am so excited to think about it as a commitment line to cross over into a new reality!

My lunar intention this month: SLOW.

I am more than ever aware of how the anxiety and moving fast fast all the time is both delusion and ruining my body. To go forward into my vision – and forget even that, into a healthy body – I absolutely must teach myself to be slow. Literally.

This is not about doing less. This is not about limitations or frustrations. This is about committing to my vision – slow and huge – and committing to my future health.

I want more and more out of life. I’m hungry for it, and I’m excited to engage. I’ve worked really hard to create the platform for my happy and successful and satisfied self, my brilliant self, and now it is time to teach myself to be aware and still enough to receive it.

Jeez… it’s not as gentle as that, but includes receiving. To be precise, I need to teach myself to own it.

I’m excited because I have been looking at a small pile of loonies and toonies on my famous coffee table for several days. The last thing I do before I go to bed will be to turn my money over for good luck and good fortune. The loud and exuberant $15 in change will be put into my piggy bank (It’s a donkey bank, actually) in celebration of loud and exuberant surplus.

It’s a gonna be my new jam.

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