Local Comforts

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I went on a hike this morning with a friend – not only was it a wonderful hike, but I realized it is one I could and would do again, it’s close to the city, and even though I don’t usually hike solo, I would feel comfortable doing so on this one.

All of the planning went well timing-wise.

My friend gave me an orchid.

I met a newer friend in her neighbourhood – she toured me around this part of the city. I was able to explore a new part of town with someone who’s lived there for her whole life and knows it – and its history – well.

Bought local fresh fruit (under the tutelage of my friend on which grocer was best) – peaches and blueberries if you must know.

Did a clean of the apartment, so I can enjoy the next two days chore-free.

Finished reading a delightful book.


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