Live Free or Die

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My dream of writing for a living is just around the corner. It’s taken me since grade 3 to realise it! These days, in this part of my life, that main life purpose is the strongest motivator for the clarification of my vision – the blogs. I will get more into that in a day or so when I am home, and I really have the space to write it out clearly for myself. I”m excited about that because it will be an “upgrade” to those specifics, haven’t done that in a while!

In the meantime, one of the biggest “things” I need to support me on my “quest” are the amazing signs or synchronicities that happen along the way. I can’t make them up! And they always arrive, perfectly timed, and so perfectly!

In keeping with my “share the vaca” theme, here’s a pic of one of those signs. Honestly, I was on the lift for a full 5 minutes feeling amazing and free and like I was “doing it” for real, all the while with the song Freebird in my head. AND I was doing more laps of my favourite run than I expected, and getting stronger and stronger and faster and faster each turn. THAT should definitely not be happening! Logically I should be getting more and more tired as the week goes on and the snow gets warmer and heavier – I have never been this out of shape – but I don’t. The turns keep getting easier and FUNNER!!!!

This was my “sign”. I had to wiggle over on the lift to make sure I was in it, proof that it actually happened ha!

And more… “Live Free or Die” has been my motto since I was 16, and driving around in my first car, my first taste of freedom and life “out there” in the world on my own, everything to experience… SO COOL!

haha – and even BETTER… I can’t see anything on my phone outside, the glare is impossible so I took this pic blind. The other “half” of what is written there is “trying”. I don’t believe that part. It’s not relevant to me. Don’t try do.

I’m doing!!! Whoop whoop!

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