Let’s Not Be Shy; Let’s Be Seen

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This topic is serving in so many ways (once again ha)!

I see strength in every woman I encounter and I admire the ones that embrace it.  I believe collectively and culturally we would all benefit so much from every woman owning her strength and femininity. We have already come so far and i see the importance in sharing these stories.

I see a woman warrior as a compassionate and assertive leader. This can be applied to any level of magnitude we engage in. Within our personal life, if we stood up for ourselves, our beliefs, our wants and our needs, our authentic expression of self would be bold, gentle and serving. If as leaders we were able to guide by doing with strength, grace and emotion, an incredible balance would be achieved.

This week I have applied this on many levels, both for my personal development and my professional expression as a project leader and entrepreneur.

The first image of a warrior that comes to mind for me is one of strength, and i am that, i have surmounted and accomplished so much. I also have this imagine of defying, I have also defied the odds, gone after what i wanted no matter the resistance and pushed through a lot to reach the place i am in now.

However where this awareness actually served me the most was in a specific moment last week when i was seen as vulnerable. For a quick moment i could’ve felt weak but i did not. Vulnerable is not the same, it doesn’t have the same feeling or connotation, it is very human. It was okay to have these emotions over take me, in a sense the emotions are very real and the strength comes not from minimizing, dismissing or ignoring them but pure feminine strength comes from acknowledging them, feeling them and moving forward with them.

I actually have physical trauma in my body left over form my injury, incident. I had been so focused on strength and forward momentum that i didn’t even feel it or know it was there. Just recently as i am on the last stretch of this long journey – not necessarily to recovery as i am not going back to where i was, but i languaging it as- being me 100%. This winter is the winter, this is it. I am moving forward in  holistic way and that means letting go of ego and seeing everything that is here. Embracing all of me including my emotions. My heart is my biggest asset, I have accepted it when it was leading me out of passion yet I also need to embrace compassion for myself and for others. But as a true warrior taking action and moving in the direction that will best serve with all of this in perspective.

I also love how in my image of a woman warrior she has the respect of everyone in her surroundings. This is exactly what feeds her to do more for the ones she loves. They see her strength and therefor she has more to offer. So lets not be shy, lets be seen!

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