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Oooo how fun!

I will start with yesterday, as I wanted to start this last night and was sidetracked…

1. I had lunch with a colleague-friend, S. She was my instructor in college 10 plus years ago and we kept in touch, now more easily with Facebook. We haven’t seen each other in many years. She happened to be in Toronto and let me know so we could meet up, which is lovely, as I am often the one who reaches out to people when I’m in town. We caught up on our lives, and had a quick talk on politics. We were discussing how we could get more involved politically/as activists. It’s inspiring to discuss such things with people of like mind.

2. After work I had a lady date with my newer friend E. She loves wines and went on a trip this past fall to Portugal and Spain to travel and explore, but mostly to drink wine and eat great food. Inspired by her journey we have designated one Thursday a month where we try a different wine bar (or restaurant with a good wine list). E. is taking a level one course on wines, so I ask her about the wines we’re drinking and we pause and sniff and give it a good amateur sommelier try! She is also a writer, and just starting out in her communications career so we talk about writing challenges and inspiration and our careers generally.

It has been a very social week! And while I was tired this week, meeting with friends and talking gives me energy (though eventually I’ll need to be alone this weekend ha ha).


You are a classy lady Parker!


There is something about weeks like the one you’ve had and it is so true that you’re left feeling spent – but it also fuels your spiritual tank.  I really enjoy the rituals of friendship – it’s familiar yet exciting to catch up.  Wine and travel talks are some of the best moments I’ve had with friends.  No negativity, no drama.  Just a nice time with someone you like.  Sounds like a really great week!


I think one of the main reasons I so enjoy this group and my outings is that I live quite an isolated life which I absolutely adore but I really do cherish meetings like these with old friends and family. It is nice to have people to catch up with.

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