Knowing When to Upgrade the Foundation of Your Vision

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I keep referring to upgrades this week with this topic, they are everywhere!!

I am actually typing this sitting in Calgary just about to go sign the papers for a new truck. A new old truck but none the less. This also means tho that i have to let go of my car, doing a trade in. Really lets be honest it is on its last leg yet t is really hard to let go. This may seem a bit ridiculous but not for me, it is so real and yes I can clearly see this is only about a car and actually it is not a bit deal but it also gives me the opportunity to see where this energetic scenario is replicated in other aspects of my life.

I have had this car since my last year in college. It took me from Ont back to Qc and all the way to BC. For the longest time out here it was the one thing I could rely on. It took me on many road trips and adventures, I even lived out of it for a while. It was the one thing i had created for myself that was reliable. But this was than… and this is where I really have to be logically clear about it ha. The car is not reliable at all anymore and really I have SO many other things in my life that are, I have to trust and lean into that. It is funny as these are mostly relationships right. I had to take care of myself for the longest time, now I have people and I simply need to be able to let go of (the ego? the hurt? not sure yet) and celebrate. I have the financial success for an upgrade and I have the people and relationship environment that I am not alone if and when I would ever need anything.

This makes me actually want to dig up my last 3-6-9. At the start of it I had made a quick mind map of my wants and wishes – which was my version of expressing my vision and i am pretty sure relationships was on there. Woop woop another checkmark and upgrade

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