Investing In My Own Greatness

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As much as default statements are useful when interacting with others, and they truly are, I am also finding them useful for dealing with that inner critic. Forget expressing my goals and dreams with someone, I have to get past my own internal voice of caution first.

Default statements have to be repeated, memorized even, in order to be default at all. So often I solve a problem and then forget the problem existed, and sometimes they creep back in and the default statement is there to ward off the temptation to go back down a road better left untraveled.

Yesterday I decided early on that I would explore a new park inside the city. I looked a few up and found one close by. While I like my usual walking spot, I knew it was time to do something different – and my inner voice was on my side with default statements: you love walking, you’re going to feel great, the weather is excellent, you’re going on an adventure. Yes, it was all about the default statements, true statements – every one of those was correct, all of those things happened.

I’ve noticed lately that the inner voice is a bit more, dare I say, positive these days. Maybe it’s the weather, all those long hours of sunshine. But I know I’ll be tired at some point and it will be tired too – and cautious and risk averse – and it will be all too happy to let me know. And here are a few of the statements I’ve been practicing, in case you’re looking for a few to put to use:

In response to seeing a list of task and wanting to immediately do something else – “it’s not that much, just a few steps.” Or, “if you get this done you’ll be able to read your book.” Or, “if we get one thing done, it’ll be easier to do two.” Or, “you know how good you’ll feel once you’ve completed some of this.” How am I to fight all that logic?! I don’t and the statements work a charm.

At work, many of my colleagues eat out, or buy their lunches, whereas I am the one that dutifully brings her lunch to work daily. It’s sometimes commented on by others, as I will often turn down lunch time invitations with them, preferring my routine (gym, and lunch at desk) most days. It helps that I have a bit of a partner in crime, who is similar – she also brings her lunches and does her own thing at lunch time. But when asked, I simply reply “I have a budget in mind and it works better for my schedule.” No one can really refute that, can they? I rarely have to say anything, but I have it ready just in case. Sometimes it’s good to have a default statement to remind myself why I do take these steps. I take these steps in my life, the little ones, because they make me feel great. They are an investment in my greatness.

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