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I’m privileged to be one of … (how many of us are on here) … you women that are part of this group. I’m even privileged to be the first to post because it’s late at night and, online, the bar is always open!

I’m privileged to have decent technology to get through and post a comment (although for the last two weeks or so I’ve only had my bloody phone but that’s a privilege too).

The access we have to information is also astounding. Hell, we’re even allowed to believe terrible and false information and no one cares! Perhaps we all should but ultimately it’s up to us to decipher and interprete information and decide what rings true to us or opt to declare it total crap!

When there’s online bullying we suspect can have detrimental consequences, we’re privileged to have the right to report it without being punished for it.

In my case (and I suspect yours as well), I’m privileged for being so annoyed by anonymous cowards to the point that through the anger comes clarity and I know just what to say to fire back intelligently. It’s also true that we have the right to leave a mark on the world with our thoughtful or completely asinine commentary! It’s our right … and although I read things that make me want to find out where someone lives so I can smack them across the face and scream “Wake up!” (not a privilege, unfortunately), I’m glad that we’re generally allowed the right to express ourselves (except, pretty much, for stuff that can cause or inspire harm and then you’ve just entered the gray zone baaaah! Express at your own risk.)

Intellectual freedom, baby! I may hate Mein Kampf and find it despicable but I’m glad that people have the right to read some massively ignorant asshole killer’s work. On a great note, I’m privileged to put out information that is part of the solution to what’s wrong with the world.

And yes, there’s a good share of the world that isn’t that lucky. Some aren’t fortunate enough to have this right and some aren’t free enough to break out of the shackles of being oppressors for so long. They can’t even comprehend the right to this freedom. Can you imagine being a prisoner to your upbringing, ignorance and limited mind?

I have a right to think and express. I’m privileged to have experienced enough of life to contribute something of value to the odd person sometimes. I’m privileged for having the drive to improve my intellect or even letting it all go to mush if I wanted to. Yes to light bulbs, no to mushy peas!

It is rather late as I write this post and usually that’s okay but I’m tired. I believe I should be focusing on my personal privileges, if I’m using the privilege to interpret information. Man, did I digress with the bit on the oppression talk. Good thing, I’m privileged to stray a little on here and still be forgiven.

I’m privileged to have been invited to join this group. I’m privileged to write on this site. I’m privileged to be able to accept. I’m also privileged to read your insight because I can honestly say it’s made a difference in my life.

I’m privileged to speak my mind here and know this is a safe place!

So, in addition to intellectual freedom and the right to information, I’m privileged to be part of something great here. I’m privileged to support such incredible women and receive their support in return.

I’m so damn privileged!


Yes, it is a privilege to be here, to be a part of this group, one that encourages and listens and finds the connections between us all.

Several years ago an acquaintance started an organization for women, which existed to create a supportive group for its members. Perhaps like this, but they would meet in person. She set this group up because she, and other women in her life, felt a lack in their lives – a lack of supportive female relationships and interactions. So she started a group and I’m sure has created a difference in her life and many others. At one point, they had one of their meetings across the street from my apartment, and so she and I would run into each other and chat briefly. At some point she asked me if I would be interested in joining. I told her that while I definitely thought she had founded something many women needed, I did not feel this lack in my life. I hadn’t had too many negative experiences with other women. I hadn’t been betrayed or bullied in a way that made me feel that I wasn’t able to connect to other women (at that point, and to be honest, it’s happened a couple of times since, so I get where she and her group are coming from). And in many parts of my life, I had many great and connected female relationships.

All of which to say, it is certainly a privilege to have a group like this, to have positive connections. To build each other up when often parts of our society are trying to tear us down. It is a privilege to have people believe in me and in these connections, here in CW, and elsewhere in my life. Yes, Leni, a privilege indeed.


Wow!  Incredible Leni!  I too am so privileged to be a part of this group and to read such great posts daily that lift me up and help me to be the best I can be.  Thank you!

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