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I can dance very well to hip hop, R&B and Soca music (the last one is the carnival music originating in Trinidad & Tobago – here is a song I like right now:


I have rhythm. It’s one thing to say you can dance (and be told that I dance well by friends), but the moment that I believe made it true (validated!) was during an impromptu dance and celebration when we (part of my university experience) arrived in a village in Ghana. All these children were dancing and I and one of my travelling companions decided to accept their invitation to dance. One girl was about five and she was giving it everything and she was fantastic; she just stared me down, daring me – so I gave it everything I had and I believe was successful. I will never forget that look! So intense!


Wow!  I don’t have much rhythm  but I do have a lot of fun dancing.  I always love to watch people with great rhythm.  I find it fascinating.  Last night we were at a family Halloween party at Fort Steele.  It was amazing to watch everyone dance-there was a dance party outside-some were on stilts, some were 2 years old and some were 70.  All in costume.  The energy was amazing!

This brings me to something else I am good at.  The ability to have fun anytime and anywhere.


I love the rhythm of Soca.
Nice work on the dance off
I love that you embrace your moves.
So much freedom in dancing, you just have to own it.


Really?! I love it! I’ve never heard that story! Ya you did!

PS, I never lose a dare either. Whatever that experience is, it always brings me more than I expected.

I can definitely rock a massive feathered costume. Definitely. I’ll be your wing girl.

Flats though. I”ll need flats. Or just me feet.


Yes, yes you sure could.  I am picturing it.  Ha!  Last night I rocked a great witch costume with my pretend raven and rat friends on my shoulder.  Ha!  So much fun for me!


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