How to Navigate a Daily Life

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My personal version of balance is not fully formed; I’m still working out what it means for me in terms of career satisfaction, life purpose, travel, and self-acceptance – all those external and internal forces. For now, balance mostly lives through my routines – getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising, reading, friends and family time. It’s the usual things, and making them all work means sometimes one thing takes precedent for a while and then another, but never to the exclusion of all for very long. I know when I’m out of balance. I’m tired, grumpy, I lose my appetite, I’m impatient, many of those everyday feelings that are easy to identify when life gets too busy. Mainly I remember what burn-out feels like and those are now the cues that tell me things are off – and I listen. I feel the balance best when I am at the gym, working on my strength and flexibility. Those are all the physical balances, how to navigate a daily life.

As I considered this during my latest workout, I thought that perhaps I also associate balance with comfort. I am comfortable at the gym, I know how to do what I need to do, and follow a routine to get there three days a week. Staying in a place of comfort though is not necessarily balanced, it can be fuelled by other feelings that would throw me out of balance (fear, trepidation, self-confidence).

The more philosophical side of balance is where I don’t have as much clarity. I think that will come as I continue to work at understanding myself and where I best want to use my interests and talents, such as they may be. Like happiness, balance isn’t a place or an end result, it is something that is constant; it ebbs and flows like water.

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