How Do I Make A Bigger Commitment?

 In Weekly Forum Discussion

Over the years and in various capacities, I have volunteered. One of those roles turned into a paid summer job at the largest homeless shelter in western Canada, in Calgary. I would go on to work there for the next two years after. I definitely learned a lot, about the reasons behind homelessness, and also about myself.

I think that there are lots of worthy causes in this world, each vying for their own resources and champions. I also think that I can’t take them all on, and that no one really can, we each have our own affinities with certain causes based on our own experiences. The important thing is to pick one or two and give where you can. This topic has taught me about how vision – how we treat people and ourselves – permeates through our daily actions and as such we can do some good most days through these small steps.

When I pass a homeless person on the street, begging, it upsets me, but I also rarely give change. Perhaps this could be part of a daily small step, but for me, I want to do something bigger. I’m by no means in a financial position to be a great philanthropist, but I prefer to pick a couple of causes close to my heart, principals, and vision and give more than just small change. I want to give and support those things I feel strongly about. That often is monetary, but also I try to support them with advocacy where I can.

Right now, I am supporting two – three, with small monthly financial amounts, but the vision here is to review my values against those organizations and others and make sure there is total alignment. And with that make a bigger commitment, give bigger and get more involved.

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