How About Spain and Portugal?!

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I would like to travel to Spain with my husband who ran a BC  liquor store for 35 years and specialized in wine.  He was the Vintage Quality Alliance (VQA)representative for over 20 years.  I think it would be so much fun to taste different wines and cheeses of course in such a neat place.  I love the idea of meandering through all the old buildings exploring, eating great food and tasting different wines.  I have a couple girl friends who stayed in Spain for a Winter volunteering at a winery in exchange for room and board.  Their photos and stories are amazing!


Spain is on my list too!

I agree about the wine and the buildings, and the food, of course.

Spain. Yes, and Portugal too, since it’s practically next door. When I travelled through Europe so many years ago, I didn’t make it to those two countries. I don’t know much about Portugal, but what I know thus far, I like. As for Spain, I know there is lots to see and experience, but top of my list is The Sagrada Familia, the giant, always under construction church by Gaudi. I love interesting architecture, and it is just lovely to wander the streets in Europe to take it all in.


I’ve been to Spain and Portugal.  Despite the proximity, the natural environment is so different.  I loved the experience.  It was interesting to cross the border and realize that people seem to understand each other quite well where the border is into the other country.  Barcelona is magnificent … if you ever get out to Portugal, hit Lisbon, Porto, Lagos in the Algarve which is also known for being ideal for anyone with environmental allergies, Obidos, Nazare (probably one of my favourites.  If you are into architecture Lisbon is amazing but if you want to see architecture without big crowds, go to Tomare to see Templar ruins and Batalah (which means battle in Portuguese) and Fatima.  The land is very diverse in Portugal.  Sorry to go on a little but it’s part of my heritage.  I’ve always wanted to do El Camino de Santiago in Spain.


Thank you for all the tips!


Wonderful! Thank you for all of this – honestly, so helpful – especially to fill the ‘want’ space with happy details. Please do go on, anytime.

Yes, I’ve heard of those walks in Spain, and agreed, that would be too much for me too. But there’s plenty of other wonderful things to see.

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