Get The Funk Outta Here!

 In Weekly Forum Discussion

I woke up in a funk. I’d slept long enough, and well enough, and yet, something was gnawing at me. I suppose you could say it had a negative tinge to it, a sadness, a frustration at the edges. I believe these funks come and go for many of us. I ignore it for a while, make breakfast, busy myself with the actions of getting up and started on a weekend day. Eventually, it’s time to face it though – what is the cause for the moodiness? Is that procrastination? If so, what do I fear? And then, what are the tools to manage it, to get myself out of this place? Music – check. Have something I like, tea – check. Journal it out; walk it out – they are on the agenda. I feel better, just a little, from having even come up with a list. And a list of another sort is what’s clouding my day, as it turns out. The to-dos. I wasn’t efficient with my first 36 hours of weekend, so now it’s all on this day, the last before the return to work. Projects and activities I absolutely signed up for, commitments I am happy to oblige, and yet I feel the pull of just wanting to do nothing; a nothing weekend (yes, I am lucky to even have the choice). But it’s summer now, there are things to do and see! These two forces pull me and so the funk fills the gap.

Managing the funk, it will be important to avoid any other negative forces so I can have the best chance to break these feelings. Stay away from FB is a must: too much info, too many good things, too many bad things, too many distractions. Follow my list, above. Take small steps. Get one thing done and then watch the others start to line up for completion. Do the seemingly hardest thing first. Feel better.

That’s the thing about negativity – yes it’s around, externally, hanging out, sometimes contagious, but in places it’s from within, it is the processing of whatever things are happening in my life.  And it’s okay to process, to have that space, but also to help myself shake it off, even just a little.

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