Forum Topic for the Week of June 16 – Positive Self-Talk Take 2: The Revolution

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The disclaimer:

This will seem like the same topic as last week, so the invitation is to visit your own notes about last week’s experiences and note the subtle differences. Perhaps even spend one more day there, noticing the negative self-talk, and entertaining that there is an “alternate script” that has you thinking, feeling, and talking positively about yourself.

Then – perhaps on Friday night, or Saturday morning – start talking positively about yourself and on purpose. 

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

– accept compliments with a “thank you, I love this outfit too”

– answer the “how are you?” question with a simple: I’m great! Or, I”m excellent! Key here is to say I AM fantastic (stop) vs I’m doing great, thank you. People will not notice the change here, BUT they will be so happy to hear you are fantastic that they will positively reinforce you speaking highly of yourself. You will create a place to feel that experience as normal.

– if you are still negative self-talking, stop yourself, go to the mirror and have a logical left brain conversation in front of your bad ass self. Negative self-talk doesn’t hold up long in that kind of court.

There are lots of options for this one, and you will come up with your own, you’ll get creative. Start here though if you wish.

The invitation is to share lots this week. This is a really valuable topic and when you dig in fully, you will be in a supportive social space where the truth about your awesomeness – and you feeling it, promoting it – is more than supported. It is encouraged. Feel what that looks like from both sides of the interaction.

Share on the call your experience. And remember, every experience you bring, and especially the ones that are different than someone elses, provide exact and intense reflections for the rest of us in the conversation. For this topic, specifically, make it your own.

You are fantastic.

You are excellent.

You are amazing.

Have an incredible week!

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