Forum Topic for the Week of Jan. 2 – Gratitude

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This one will be easy and fun AND provide a shelter of fantastic, against the storm outside that is the dreaded New Year’s Resolution!

We will do New Year’s goals in the next couple of weeks, but first, let’s work the soil of those plans with a hearty dose of gratitude.

Gratitude is important for many reasons – acknowledgement, self-acknowledgement, celebration, clarity… The most valuable aspect of a solid gratitude practice, however, is the energy it allows you to create from.

When you are grateful, you are open and willing for more. And better, the Universe can do its part, by bringing you more of the same. 

This week, share on the site daily 1 – 5 things you are grateful for. 

Share on the call the thing about YOURSELF you are most grateful for. 

Hint: if you have a New Year’s resolution cooked up already, perhaps postpone the doing of it. It will be easier after a week of gratitude.

Double Dog Hint: Most resolutions are made in the energy of lack or poor self esteem. DO this week’s topic first. Dive in, let it shift you. THEN make your resolution and goals.

Happy New Year Lovelies!

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