Forum Topic for the Week of Feb. 26 – Visionmania: Going Up?

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Yes, please! Tell me more!

Last week’s declarations of Vision were spectacular. You know what you are doing, and now so do we!

We made our “upgrades”. We got specific. We know what we need to support our visions.

That’s HUGE. So many people dream of the dream, and they stop right there. In the dreaming, the vision gets lost. It is essential to bring that vision into clarity, and when we know it, see it, decorate it with details and language, it has the opportunity to come into form, in real time.

Now, we make it simple. We make it a mantra. We make it pocket-sized, bite-sized, and amuse bouche. We want to kiss it into conversations quickly.

Yup, got ya all warmed up; we’re talking about your elevator speech!

This week, craft your elevator speech. This is the one to five sentence description of your vision. This is your new “plus one”. Get ready to take it out dancing!

Share on the site daily edits, your itchy spots, and most definitely the parts you are most proud of. Use the reflections and validations we provide for each other to perfect this description.

Share also the things you need to support your vision. You can never be too clear about those things. Use the visionmania to make the completion of those needs simple too. 

HINT: Your elevator statement is not so other people can understand your vision. You are a visionary. Your vision is not for sale; it is happening. An elevator statement is for YOU to see your vision clearly, to get confident and comfortable, to notice where you are succeeding, and to notice where you need to course correct.

Double Happiness: When you resist an elevator speech, you slow down the realisation of your vision. The invitation is to commit to this process, and thus the evolution of you and what you bring to the world. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can change it at any time! It simply has to be something you use to bring your vision to the party. You can accessorize later.

Going Up? 

Of course you are. Hold the door!

Hold the Presses!

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