Forum Topic for the Week of August 9 – “Are We There Yet”

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We’ve had such an inspiring couple of weeks. We’ve been self-inspiring as a matter of fact! Noticing and acknowledging your wins and success is such an enjoyable way to create momentum in your life.

This week, let’s take a look around.

Where are you in relation to your goals, ideals, dreams, and visions. How far along are you, actually?

Bet it is further than you think! We are so often finding ways to not be there yet.

In keeping with the past few weeks of sharing daily to create and maintain momentum and clarity, share on the site one thing daily that shows you how you are in fact already living what you are aiming to create. This will show up in parts and in whispers. Both count!

Share on the call where you are really “at”.

Looking forward to a winning week of realisations and celebrations between us.


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