First Quarter Moon in Leo – April 15, 2016

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First Quarter Moon in Leo (April 15, 2016)

Leo Moon and Aries Sun bring our awareness more deeply to the themes of self and leadership. Both fire signs, and both self interest signs, this fiery duo calls us to deepen our understanding of our own worth. To claim our space, and let ourselves be seen more fully, more deeply.

First Quarter Moons move us to action. Being the halfway point, between New and Full, the First Quarter Moon represents balance, but also conflict. There is usually a path, a choice, a one-or-another decision to be made around this time. Take the chance to act! Especially with the double fire energy today, it will be more comfortable to be in motion, rather than mulling, or deciding. Use your instincts and move in the direction that pulls you.

Leo is the King. Whether looking at humans or animals, the “King” archetype is one that we know well. Posh, well served, visible, strong sense of worth, powerful, generous, proud, regal, desired. Leo holds that yummy and fully claimed worth and entitlement. This is exactly how Leo does leadership – through self love. Leo is not a giver sign. An example of a “giver leader” would be Capricorn – head down and grinding it out in service to others, working hard behind the scenes, and taking action for the good of others. Though they each have their unique gifts, Leo does leadership is the opposite way of Capricorn. Leo leads from the spotlight – valuing and honouring its worth, feeding itself, following what it’s drawn to, and letting that self fulfillment overflow and help and inspire others. Leo is confident and magnetic, holding a regal quality that sets the standard for how others interact with them. Leo is not “okay” with visibility – they bask in it. Leo teaches by example. Doing for self rather than doing for others, and allowing that to be what inspires others in their own lives. This overflowing self love tank teaches us a way of living that prioritizes ourselves – our worth and enjoyment, teaches us impeccable self care, and how to give and receive by own own inspiration, rather than obligation. Leo teaches us that by simply doing this for ourselves, we set an example for others.

How does your self-care and self-focus impact the way you lead in your life?

Take some time today to dig deeper into the way you treat, view, and present yourself. How do you speak to yourself? How do you carry your body? How do you show up in positions of leadership.

Do you have a burning desire for something? This could be as simple as a certain food or as large as a particular lifestyle. Spend some time connected to that desire, and see if there is something you can do to move in that direction.

How do you want to lead in your life? Do you identify as a leader? What does that mean and look like for you?

Have a fantastically fiery day!

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