Everything Is Important

 In This Week's Topic

Hi Ladies!

As always, we move forward from one topic to the next on a time “schedule”, but there is also a behind the scenes schedule that takes place also. Through our conversations of a particular topic or theme, we have the ability to become deeply connected not only to the current discussion or theme at hand, but to the direction we are going as a group. That direction, to state it clearly, is always forward.

In personal development, we move forward most efficiently, when we consider ‘what is needed next”. Yes, this requires clarity. 

In the past few weeks, we have been cultivating a very particular and powerful clarity about the way we view life. We are coming to understand the importance of positive focus, actions, thoughts, and direction.

This week, let’s take a “pause” in our inner development. Let’s engage in the clarity we have cultivated together.

Our task: when you go to bed, write down 10 important things that happened to you that day.


This sets off a chain of connection between positive dots in your head – consciously and unconsciously.

Share those things on the private site as you wish. Use the site to show you what things are important.

Keep it easy, and keep it fresh.

Challenge yourself to let go of the fear of being witnessed.


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