Empowering Your Creative Process

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I would like to combine superpowers with the 3-6-9 we have going on here. In my 3 week column I had written down just simply ‘ set boundaries/ time management’. I actually didn’t know what practical steps to take to accomplish this goal, I just knew that I needed too. I have a hard time saying ‘no’ to people, and an even harder time doing what I want and need for myself first before catering to others.

My new neighbour has been helping me to look for a new vehicle and sell mine. It’s very helpful and greatly appreciated as it’s something I do not want to do on my own, mostly because I find the process of it all quite annoying. Anyways, he’s been quite ‘ needy’ shall I say, with wanting to text back and forth with ” are you home? I’ll come chat to you before I go to work”. And for the last week or so, I been quite annoyed with it, finding myself being frustrated and then just ignoring his texts.

My boundaries have not been clear. So last night, he asked again if he could come over and chat about car stuff before he goes to work which is late evening. I was involved in my art and writing, and really didn’t want a visitor interrupting my process.

My reply to him was” could it please just wait till tomorrow now, I’ll be around all day we can chat then”. It was hard to write, but the desire to set my own boundaries and feel empowered was overwhelmingly strong. I could go about my evening knowing I wasn’t going to be interrupted.

A very small thing, which leads to a very big sense of empowerment and strength. My superpower with this is that I can actualize what I want just by simply desiring it!


So good. My creativity is a super power, for sure for sure. Lately I have been pondering how and why I need to protect that process. It will start with owning that super power, and then providing the space for that super power to thrive.

Ha – imagine that: empowered creativity.


Well done, Gracie, for sticking with your needs and communicating your boundary!

For me it’s as hard as for you sometimes, esp. as I get all crazy in my head with how the other person might react. And sometimes they do, but often they react pretty cool, even more so when I’m communicating my boundaries in a relaxed way. But sure enough next time my head might go crazy just as well… 😉

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