Discussion Topic for the Week of Jan. 8 – Intentional Commitment

 In This Week's Topic

Hey Ladies! 

Get funky… and stay committed… tee hee. A little tune to keep you connected to your New Year’s jam. The Beastie Boys rock, and so do you!

You are aspirational.

This week, check in with your New Year’s intention. Give us an update.

How are you doing?

How have you made room in your life for this change or innovation, this desire?

If you are struggling already, how do you keep this intention alive?

Upwards of 70% of “average” New Year’s resolutions or intentions do not come to fruition. They get lost or forgotten in the first seven days.

You, however, are not average.

How do you do it? 

This process is an example of how successful women think and act.

Give us the practical goods. What systems do you have in place?

All the ladies in the house!

You Inspire us.

Photo Credit: Nora Moll

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