Discussion Topic for the Week of Feb. 5 – You Are the Change

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Hi Ladies!

So many of the building blocks of this community were created from the essence of this statement:

Be the change you want to see in the world.

So much of the driving energy of this community is grounded in that feeling that is just simply:

I get it. I understand the need. I have made the alterations in my thinking and my lifestyle, and now I actually do those actions. 

It feels amazing.

It’s not the thought or the information or the “why” of the need to change that is revolutionary. It is the action, or the engagement in the solution that sets a revolutionary paradigm shift into motion.

So much of what we see in our media is a re-telling of the same scary thing – plastics, food waste, poor water quality, pesticides – over and over again, creating a fear-loop and a loss of control. This does not feel amazing. It is not just detrimental  to your nervous system in the short term, but to your thinking. It creates an emotional burn out, and a literal inability to see the cumulative small actions that are not only necessary, but simple and effective.

You cannot think and act towards a long-term goal when your emotional fear is over-riding the power of your intellect to stay connected to the end goal. 

So many of the conversations we witness in our everyday lives are just that – the fear driving the non-change because it seems so large and impossible. The problem with this is that it takes so much human energy away from the resolution. Too much information, too much thought, too much fear, and we are unable to act.

That is absolutely normal human behaviour. Now is the time, however, to allow ourselves to be simply superhuman.

This topic is powerful, not because of the door it opens to our thoughts about the need to change the world, but because of the simple every day changes we have already implemented into our lives. In our conversation here this week, let’s provide some examples of the simple ways we create change. Share with us one “global environmental need” that you resolve in your every day “local” action.

Give us some solutions to no plastic, no pesticides, no food waste, no bottled water… we each have one that resonates deeply with us, and that we have already solved.

You are the change.

How do you do?!

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