Discussion Topic for the Week of Dec. 4 – Stepping Out

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion


We have two new women who have joined our contributor team. Welcome Krystle Rhea and Meghan Manzo!

Let’s have an online cocktail party.

This week, introduce yourself and tell us about your vision. Who are you and how do you do?! What do you think about? What is your every day like? What are you wanting to achieve in your business, your relationships, your health, your family, your life? Share yourself.

We want to know you so we can get behind you. As women, we are hardwired to give to, and help each other. When we know you, we can not only cheer you on, but we can anticipate what you might need along the way. 

As always, our discussion topics are meant to serve our audience – the woman across the table from you in this community, or the woman out there in our larger community who will be reading you and being inspired by you. Sharing yourself and your dreams to an audience, however, helps you to get more clear and focused about what you want your life to look like. As we grow this community, keeping that tight view of your audience – the women you are at this online cocktail party with – is what differentiates us from other personal development leaders. We are a collective, and we are sharing our experiences.

This topic gives us an opportunity to practice our positioning.

How you share yourself, you fantastic thing, allows other women to share themselves fully also.


Try it on.

Step out.

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