Discussion Topic for the Week of Dec. 18 – What is the Reward? Why Do You Do What you Do?

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Hello Ladies!

We are ramping up this community project at a really important time of year. The holiday season is here!

All around us people are celebrating. Life is celebrating. We are gathering, cocktailing, eating cheese, decorating with mini lights, and wearing something fun. We are spending time with family and friends. We are giving. We are receiving.

There are lots of amazing things and events that will be happening over the next few weeks as we celebrate our lives and our connections. It is an opportunity for us to simultaneously simplify, and allow life to exceed our expectations. It is that blissful time of the year where we seamlessly set down our busy lives, and suddenly burst into celebration.

This week, take a moment to pause and watch your own beautiful chaos. In this community, we are working together towards our own individual visions. We share. We celebrate. We support each other in fullness, and the pursuit of aligned abundance. What does that really mean? 

Life is not about stuff. Every day we wrap ourselves up with a big bow and we give ourselves to life. It does come back. It is an exchange. When life gifts you in return, how do you know? What is that special “thing” you are wishing to receive?

Why is this important right now? Why is it important for us to be thinking consciously about what makes us feel rewarded?

The why of this discussion:

We are, as a community, taking that pause to clarify who we are and what we are offering – our visions, our passions, our who-we-are – to life. In energy that is the micro of the macro-realisation process that the world experiences over the holiday season – regardless of race, religion, or economic “status”. Yes, that includes the anti-establishment and protest culture – as a matter of fact, those people especially. Those women especially. When you, as a woman in this community, step out to provide leadership to the women who read you, when you share what makes you feel rewarded for your passionate living, your version of that, you are landing that during the time of the year where people are defining in their own minds “what am I celebrating at all; what is really important in life?”, and they always find something positive. It’s human nature.

The art of being a part of this community for the women you lead, is that our discussions land perfectly timed for them to step into their resonant wholeness.

When you share what rewards you during this “busy” time, their own busy-ness allows them to surrender into the example of what is possible for them too. It rides in on the back of their surrender into the celebration of the season.  Your experiences provide the connection to the spirit of life, at a time when many of women are questioning the real value of their work, because it’s hard. There are mashed potatoes on your favourite sweater, your sister thought the sweater you gave her was ugly, the gravy turned out a little lumpy, and you’re never getting that wine stain out of your grandmother’s table cloth. But when you finally sit down, your guests are at full attention, waiting to eat your fabulous meal. They are smiling with joy and anticipation. Love.

And in that pause, one of them says: “Wait! Before we eat, let’s raise a glass and toast the cook. Thank you for preparing this beautiful meal.”

Your heart explodes. Their hearts explode. The meal is infused with love exchanged.

For us, as women, the great energy that connects us during the holiday season is that our “efforts” in life – when we are rewarded and our hearts explode open, and we receive that appreciation – create the open door for others to celebrate what is important to them, their version of that. It’s all unconscious, energetic communication.

How do we know this is true. You have definitely attended an event when a woman has not raised her glass and pointed at the lumpy gravy instead.

Receive this season. 

You are a gift.

You are the catalyst.

Now, condense all that into your version of that awareness. 

What, for you, is the reward?

Why do you really do what you do? 

Photo Credit: Nora Moll


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