Discussion Topic for the Week of Sept. 5 – Back to School Special

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Hi Ladies!

The world around us is back to school this week. It’s such a fun time of a new school year, new and familiar faces, new projects, new shoes, and fresh notebooks. It’s a fabulous inspiration we can tap into for ourselves!

This week, take this opportunity to create and make possible all the things you are planning for your “new year”, your vision, the next six months. Take this week to notice, plan out, and obtain the things you need to achieve your goals for the next few months.

Do you need some new clothes? Do you need some fresh menu ideas? Do you need a new workout routine? Do you need to learn a new skill? Do you need to declutter and make some room for your current awesomeness?!

Share on the site daily to promote the true simplicity of these needs and actions – and also to lean into our culture of accountability. We see each other clearly in both support and celebration.

This is also an invitation to brainstorm if you need to!

Share on the call your biggest a-ha about your needs in this context. 

A tip: Rest is always a need, as is self care, and we all have a tendency to not do the things we need to do for ourselves. For this week’s development, if rest and self care are your needs, boil that down into actions that serve the breaking of the overwhelm habit. It is normal to vacillate between overwhelm and rest. It is extraordinary to bring them into balanced motion.

Enjoy this process! It’s guaranteed to get good grades!

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