Discussion Topic for the Week of Sept. 19 – 3 – 6 – 9 Planning

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Hi Ladies!

It feels like forever! That’s the perfect place to start this week’s call topic. We eat, sleep and breathe our visions, and somehow they also feel so far away!

As visionaries, we are fixed on, guided by, and committed to what’s on the horizon.

This week, take some time to plan out the next 9 weeks. Use 3 columns of to-do or mini goal lists: 3 weeks; 6 weeks; 9 weeks. The idea is that they are cumulative, and planned out in such a way as to teach your mind that there is a steady pace involved in creating a vision. One step at a time towards a huge horizon is a giant undertaking, but oh so much easier if you know the steps.

Share on the call your planned actions, yes, but mostly your process. The 3 -6 – 9 planning method is an incredible tool, and each of us will have our own methods and tips that work the best, keep us on track, and allow us to enjoy specific accomplishments along the way.

As always, use the site daily to share this process.

This concept naturally grew out of our discussions over the past few weeks. It will be exciting to bring this old favourite back into rotation!

3, 2, 1, GO!

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